Issue Three, Page Twenty-Seven

April 19, 2021 in Issue Three
Issue Three, Page Twenty-Seven
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Author Notes:

MattSchofield 12th Apr 2021, 4:09 PM
UH OH! What happened to Paige?

The motive behind the layout and flow of this page and the previous one was to shift the focus off of Paige so that (hopefully) you don't notice that she is gone until the other characters do. I did this by tightly cropping around the characters, and using a lot of "singles" (panels containing a single character), before ending with the wide shot reveal in the final panel here. I like the big empty space in that panel, with our characters clustered in the lower right corner, taking up about 1/8th of the composition. Hopefully it really gives the sense that Paige has seemingly vanished into thin air. I experimented with adding a wisp of fog on the ground, but it was a little distracting and seemed to have come out of nowhere. So it's not a foggy night in Kurtzberg.

Eagle-eyed readers may noticed that I'm kind of flip-flopping the screen direction all over the place on this page. I explained the concept of The 180 Rule, and how it relates to comics, in a previous Creator Comment. Since I had set up a pretty definite left/right opposing relationship on the previous page, I really wanted to stick to it here. Originally, I thumbnailed out Steamroller Man on the left, and Night Knight and Sleep Tyke on the right. When I was working out where the dialogue balloons would go, I realized Night Knight's big speech just wasn't going to work, if he was positioned on the right side of the panel. No big deal to flop them, I just had to draw another background of the building across the street, rather than the already established brick wall.

Next time... we find out what happened to Paige!

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Peter Wulfdane 19th Apr 2021, 9:50 AM
Peter Wulfdane

...uh, sorry. Just had to let that out. Do hope the dear gal's not in too much trouble...'course, on second thought, maybe t'were better if she were, so we can see what the Rolling Slumber Party's really made of!

Fantastic page as always, and a brutal cliffhanger!
MattSchofield 19th Apr 2021, 9:59 AM
Thanks, Peter!
We are coming to the end of part two of this story, and things are going to be getting a bit darker...
Peter Wulfdane 19th Apr 2021, 1:43 PM
Peter Wulfdane
Oh no, now I really am worried about Paige!
FRENEMY 21st Apr 2021, 3:24 AM
Team work makes the dream work!
Francis 30th Apr 2021, 4:27 PM
Nice comic, man. I don't know how you do it. The amount of detail in your backgrounds is staggering. You must REALLY like drawing buildings.
MattSchofield 30th Apr 2021, 6:11 PM
Thanks Francis, I really appreciate the positive feedback! I used to HATE drawing buildings and backgrounds, and you can probably see that if you look at the earliest pages of Steamroller Man. I have come to enjoy drawing the backgrounds as much as the characters, and I think that has just come with time and experience. The more backgrounds I attempted, the happier I have been with the results. I might do an upcoming Author Note about this in more depth - thanks for the inspiration!