Issue Three, Page Thirteen

October 19, 2020 in Issue Three
Issue Three, Page Thirteen
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Author Notes:

MattSchofield 19th Oct 2020, 9:00 AM
"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week." - General George Patton

This is my most dialogue-heavy page so far, so it was definitely a shift in gears for me creatively. The writing took longer than usual, and I don't think it was just because of the higher word count! I hopefully have shown the contrasting philosophies of Steamroller Man, who barrels ahead, come what may, and Paige, the scientist who is used to analyzing a problem, testing theories and planning careful action. I came across that Patton quote as a teenager and have always been fond of it. It was at the top of my mind when writing Steamroller Man's dialogue here. My first thought was to actually have him use the quote, but it didn't seem quite right that he would be familiar with it.

I used a slightly different creative approach here, finalizing the dialogue at the thumbnail page, rather than at the pencil stage as I usually do. The reason for this was to make sure I was composing the panels in such a way as to account for the amount of words in each word balloon. Another example of how drawing comics is not the same as illustrating prose - the words themselves are a visual element in comics, and how they look on the page has to always be taken into consideration.

I actually felt a bit out of practice drawing Steamroller Man and Paige here! It took a couple of tries to get warmed up. At times like these, I'm so glad I work digitally, otherwise there would be quite a lot of eraser shavings to sweep up!

In panel five, I was originally going to have an empty balloon above Paige's head, to represent the fact that she has a moment of kenshō as a result of Steamroller Man's comment, but I think a wordless panel is actually more effective in this case, since it contrasts nicely with the verbosity of every other panel on the page.

What do you think?

I'm already thirteen pages in to this chapter/issue, which means if this was a standard, printed comic book I'd be past the halfway point! There is still a whole lot of story to tell, so I don't think we're halfway through this chapter yet!


TheHiddenElephant 19th Oct 2020, 9:02 AM
Let's face it, the only reason why Sugar Daddy wanted the sample is because it looked like 'Candy'. Either he's going to try and eat it, or he's going to try and put it into actual candy. I think the water supply is safe.
MattSchofield 19th Oct 2020, 5:28 PM
Yeah, but Paige doesn't know that! 20th Oct 2020, 7:02 AM
No reason he can't make candy out of it - Trick or Treat!
MattSchofield 20th Oct 2020, 7:48 AM
Stay tuned... All will be revealed!
WynautWarrior 19th Oct 2020, 9:06 AM
AAAAAA! A friendship is starting to form!
MattSchofield 19th Oct 2020, 5:30 PM
Yep! 20th Oct 2020, 7:01 AM
I don't know if it was intentional, but there's a void in the stars over Paige's head and a much smaller bubble of stars between it and her head. It resembles a negative image of an empty thought balloon in the star field.
MattSchofield 20th Oct 2020, 7:49 AM
No, not intentional. That was just random airbrush spatter.
Miaubol 24th Oct 2020, 11:03 PM
"my algae sample is out there now"-
Well, the good news is that not all of her research is gone then.. :P

Steamroller man explained pretty well how superheroes work xD
ebarie 11th Nov 2020, 8:40 AM
Another one nicely done as always.
MattSchofield 11th Nov 2020, 1:34 PM
Thanks, Eric!
Guest 12th Nov 2020, 9:10 AM
You are welcome.