Issue Three, Page Eleven

September 21, 2020 in Issue Three
Issue Three, Page Eleven
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Author Notes:

MattSchofield 18th Sep 2020, 7:35 AM
This page starts with a punchline, which is somewhat unusual, I guess!

It was set up on the final panel of the previous page, and I think this is the first time in the comic that I've done a set-up/punchline across two pages. Until now I have always tried to keep the jokes contained to one page, given the episodic nature of the webcomic format. I certainly feel like I'm challenging myself as a writer and growing a bit by trying things like that. If you're new to the comic, the guy in panel one is Terry, the security guard, who was last seen in the previous issue! I thought it would be fun to bring him back. He survived!

I've said before that I find folds in clothing one of the most challenging things to draw. I feel like I got the folds working pretty well on this page, and certainly felt more comfortable drawing them than I usually do.

It took a couple of tries to get the crater in panel three right. My first attempt had a lot of debris strewn about but it didn't convey that the building was completely gone. There was not even much of a crater in that first pass - I realized that the Eco-Opt building probably had some subterranean levels. I pulled out my trade paperbacks of Akira, to see how the masterful Katsuhiro Otomo handled destruction on a massive scale. I certainly found some inspiration there. If you've never read Akira, I thoroughly recommend it - it's better than the movie!

One more reason I love working in Clip Studio Paint: I found a very handy "people brush" online and modified it slightly so I didn't have to draw all those bystanders one by one. A real time saver!

I hope you guys like this page - I'm pretty happy with it!


daysofsuturepast 21st Sep 2020, 10:32 AM
It’s always such a delight to see an update from you! You’ve got interesting commentary as well, that’s something I’m trying to get better at. Sometimes it’s hard to have the energy to write anything but “here’s the page k thanks bye”
MattSchofield 21st Sep 2020, 12:24 PM
Well, thank you for the kind words! I totally feel you on the energy level thing, believe me! It was something I struggled with, not only from that perspective, but also just "what do I have to say that anyone would find interesting?" But a lot of people on my Instagram and Facebook page(linked if you want to check them out) seem to like when I post work-in-progress or process stuff... so I started keeping notes as I work on each page now, just reminders to myself of what I'm thinking about as I work... that helps give me something to write about when the time comes to do the Author Notes.
daysofsuturepast 21st Sep 2020, 3:42 PM
Oh that’s smart. It never occurred to me to actually plan ahead.
Mrremoraman 21st Sep 2020, 11:00 AM
...........sort of, yeah.
Miaubol 22nd Sep 2020, 4:10 AM

Well, then..
Congratulations, Steamroller man, with being a successful hero this time! ;D 22nd Sep 2020, 7:29 AM
The dust cloud in the crater is a nice touch, but...

What happened to all the wreckage? It's like some inter-dimensional super-being carefully slurped out all the structure and equipment, excepting only the base of the outer wall - along the entire circumference.

Like a little kid leaving the crust of a sandwich.
MattSchofield 22nd Sep 2020, 7:39 AM
Hmm... yes, what did happen to that wreckage? See panel two of the previous page... 22nd Sep 2020, 8:37 PM
That curtain wall crust is just so... precise. Maybe it's just there to define the void, but to me it reeks of /intent/. Like a hexagonal crop circle.*

Although I'm more afraid of Terry the security guard than of any interdimensional superbeing. Or of Steve Rollerman, even.

*Yes, I know hexagons aren't circles. Except in hydrology.
MattSchofield 23rd Sep 2020, 12:23 PM
The remnants of the walls are there just to give the viewer a visual cue as to what they are looking at - the place where the building was. It's always hard to show something that's not there. No hidden agenda there.
Peter Wulfdane 24th Sep 2020, 7:58 AM
Peter Wulfdane
Uh...yeah, sure, SteamrollerMan....if you say so. Although, as I recall, it was SM who caused the whole fiasco, but...he wouldn't be aware of that.

This page is fantastic, as always Congratulations! (And say, anybody got any tips on how to make a day longer?! I can't find the time to work on my own comic!)
MattSchofield 24th Sep 2020, 10:26 AM
Thanks Peter, I'm glad you like the page! Funny you should ask, as I do have a tip for finding the time to work on your comic, from my own humble experience. I definitely feel the pressure to find time for my comic what with the stresses of work and family and all the other modern life stuff we all deal with. Obviously the only way to find the time is to make time for doing it. When I first started my comic I worked on it at night, after my kids had gone to bed. Unfortunately that resulted in a lot of late nights due to thinking "I'll just do one more panel"... one more became two more, three more, etc and I was soon working late into the night, every night, exhausting myself. So I decided to flip things around and get up one hour earlier each day, and devote that extra hour to working on the comic. This worked much better, as it gave me "hard out" at which point I had to stop so I could get ready for work. I still work that way now, but I bought myself a Surface Pro and installed Clip Studio Paint on it, so I can also do a little extra bit of comic work while I sit in the living room with the family in the evenings. Hope that helps! Good luck!
Peter Wulfdane 24th Sep 2020, 11:57 AM
Peter Wulfdane
Hmmm...might try that. I actually just got a Surface Pro 2 a few weeks back, been using it at odd moments on other projects that I'm involved in. It definitely makes things easier!

And thanks, we all need all the good luck we can get.
MattSchofield 24th Sep 2020, 12:35 PM
One thing I forgot to mention was that I really like starting my day by working on my comic, because if I have an unproductive or difficult day at my "real job", I can still tell myself "yeah, but at least I made progress on my comic today." Great for morale!
ebarie 25th Sep 2020, 1:00 PM
Man! That is an awesome page. Keeps me inspired to keep improving and what I could do differently in the future.
MattSchofield 26th Sep 2020, 9:42 AM
Thanks, Eric! I'm humbled that you found it inspiring!
ebarie 3rd Oct 2020, 9:11 AM
You are welcome. There is always something I can learn from someone else.
skowog 13th Dec 2020, 11:22 PM
Thanks for taking the time to do the commentary! I am an aspiring comic artist, so the commentary really helps me to see what you are thinking when you put these pages together! Funny that the commentary conversation makes me feel like part of the "In Group", more than the typical comic. Strange how that is!
My inspiration for comics are the old DC Sgt. Rock and G.I Comics stuff from back in the day. As you can imagine, drawing folds on clothing (and guns) just comes with the territory, so I think it would feel odd to draw the typical skin tight superhero costume. I hear what you're saying about drawing Asian characters without ending up with stereotypical images. For me, the old war comics are great for showing me what NOT to do! You're doing great job on Paige!

MattSchofield 14th Dec 2020, 11:33 AM
Thank you for the kind words! I'm so glad the commentary stuff is resonating! I like sharing my process, even if sometimes it's difficult to work out what to say that won't be totally mundane.
Your comic sounds interesting, and the source of your inspiration sounds fascinating and unique - I hope you'll eventually put up some pages here on Comic Fury!